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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810


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First Dance on a wedding

When it comes to wedding dances there is never a one size fits all. Each couple has their own idea of what the perfect wedding dance should look and feel like.

Above I prepared a short example from few amazing weddings where you can see real couples performing and enjoying their first dance.

Some of our couples choose a romantic, slow song, others opt for a spirited, energetic song.

On our example the couples used a mash up starting slow and romantic then breaking into a fast or freestyle.

The first dance is a very important moment on the wedding day you’ll never forget.

On your the wedding day you will be surrounded by all your friends and family, and caught on camera.

Don’t let that pressure stop you from enjoying the moment!

Picking the song for your wedding is a tricky one.

Not only has it got to have the right mood, but you’ve both got to like it enough. This song you’ll remember most fondly for the rest of your lives.

In general the music to which bride and groom dance is also highly varied, with modern chart hits often being selected.

As well this dance is an intimate, romantic moment between you and your new spouse where you can just enjoy each other’s company. The style of dance is a personal choice.

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